Updating android os on digma


First found on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones, Android Nougat offers plenty of great new features compared to Marshmallow and earlier versions.

The likes of split-screen multitasking is not to be sniffed at, nor is the improved resource management which helps to boost battery life.

Your handset will also enjoy lots of behind-the-scenes upgrades, for more efficient running.

While the public version of Android Oreo won’t be released until later this year, it’s possible for anyone with the right hardware to download and try out Android Oreo right now. Check out our guide to the best new Android Oreo features for a quick overview, and head to our Android Oreo review for an in-depth look at version 8.0.

Check out our guide on why you should upgrade to Android Nougat for more info.

It’s easy to check if your phone has an update to Android Nougat available, and then download and install this update.

We’ll cover those features and explain how to update your handset to the Android Oreo beta.

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It’s possible to download Android Oreo to your phone right now, in beta form at least, to check out some of those cool new features.

From here you can sign up to the beta program and download the update for your chosen mobile.

Just follow Google’s instructions to get it up and running. Note that only Google’s recent handsets will accept the Android Oreo beta update.

If you can’t find the update option in the About Phone section, check there instead.

If your Android 7.1 update is ready, accept any terms and make sure you’re connected to a reliable Wi Fi network.

Nougat adds a lot of worthy features to Google’s OS, while also tweaking and updating plenty of existing features to make them work better.

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